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When it comes to customizing and branding apparel, accessories, and promotional products, the possibilities are literally endless.

You can rely on the years of experience and expertise in printing, embroidery, and product sourcing of us at Two Pines Customs to make you look your best.

The Difference

We started Two Pines Customs because we knew there had to be a better way for businesses to get high-quality branded gear while working with one trusted company.

Traditional screenprinting and embroidery still have their place, but our print quality and variety is far superior.

The self-serve promotional products companies have huge catalogs, but are impersonal and can be overwhelming unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Our unique set of skills gives us the flexibility to offer things these other companies cannot.
Here are just a few:

graphic design
is in our blood

The importance of good design goes far beyond simply printing your logo on a t-shirt. Your project may require other graphic design and art services. We have deep appreciation for good design and bring it to every aspect of our business and will work with you to ensure success.

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Two Pines Customs Graphic Design

same prints On Different Products

With most printers, you’ll need to meet minimum piece requirements based on product style and/or color. But what if people on your team want different things? Although we have minimum requirements, they can spread across as many different products as you want. Check out the Pinkham Real Estate example to see how personalization can up your game. Speaking of: we can personalize any printed products!

Two Pines Customs Same Print Different Garments

printing locations

A centered print on the front of a shirt is soooo last year [*eye roll*]. With our unique print process, we can print in many other locations others can’t—e.g. sleeve, waist, side seam, inside tag, and more. But have no fear, we’ll still print in all of the traditional locations as well.

Two Pines Customs Print Locations

One Color to Full Color Superior Prints

When it comes to printing on apparel and other soft accessories (e.g. bags, hats, etc), our unique print process allows us the advantage of offering the highest quality print available—from 1 color to full color and everything in between. Our prints won’t crack or fade within the first few washes and they don’t feel heavy or “cakey” because they embed into the fabric as opposed to laying on top of it.

No Inventory = More Options and Variety

We hold zero product inventory. Sounds crazy right? No inventory means we won’t push products on you just because we have them in stock. We work with you to ensure you get the right products for your project, not because it’s convenient for us. This also enables us to offer you a wider range of options from economical to brand name and everything in between. Oh, and our turnaround times are still amazing.

curated Promotional products

We hold a special license that gives us access to a huge number of unique manufactures and brands. We won’t make you search through millions of products. That’s our job and we’re really good at it. You can rest assured that we’ll only show you the best options available for your specific needs and budget.

How we can help

We’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects.
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